Monday, May 28, 2012

Open Slow Ride of Silence for Jude Alphonsus Tan (2012-05-28)

Open Slow Ride of Silence for Jude Alphonsus Tan. This ride is dedicated to Jude who perished when he was knocked down by a lorry at the Changi Coastal Road on 26 May 2012.

Though most of us do not know Jude, he is one of us, a fellow cyclist. Please join this Open Slow Ride of Silence for Jude on Monday, 28 May 2012 at 8:30pm. The ride will start from Lorong Halus (Popeye) to Changi Village to NRSCC to Marine Terrace Blk 54 where his wake is held. Those who are not able to ride but would like to join us at the wake please come with your bikes and jerseys. The media will be informed about this ride. The ride will be a mix of PCN and Road.

You must:
a. obey all traffic rules
b. wear helmet
c. bike must be equipped with front (white) and rear (red) lights
d. please wear appropriately coloured jerseys
e. observe silence for Jude

Non-Stop Route and Timing:
8:30pm - Lorong Halus (Popeye)
9:00pm - Changi Village
9:20pm - NSRCC
9:45pm - Marine Terrace Block 54
10:30pm - Disperse


Wake location

We will pay respects to Jude and each will give a token of contribution $10 to the wake. 

Please share this.

Just doing my part to share the above information and details...

Just some thoughts that have been going through my head, I have been cycling on the roads since some 10 years ago. I am thankful for that, many I know tell me that they are shaken from what they saw/read about the accident. Just because it is so close to our hearts, a Saturday, at Changi Coastal.

Let me tell you, take a break if you want. But never stop cycling, make the necessary precautions, proper safety equipment (basically your helmet, lights, good brakes and tires) and it might be wise to invest in a simple ID card/tag which your particulars (blood type, Next-of-kin contact, etc).

The roads will only get safer when yet more cyclists get on the roads, that way, cyclists will be just be another part of our daily lives. We get to understand them, get used to them and eventually accept them.

This has brought me to some thoughts on discrimination, just like Singapore being a Multiracial society (Thanks to National Education), the roads on Singapore should be friendly to all forms of transport!

And the recent Ferrari crash at the Bugis area? It really seems that Singapore roads are designed like a F1 racetrack (F1 night race), too powerful cars, on roads that simply can't accommodate them.

I have so many thoughts but little time to pen them down, back to my usual words... Ride safe.


  1. thanks for sharing bro !

  2. will help spread the word. i passed by the site at 10+am that day and my heart sank.

    1. I rode there earlier that morning too and I did a few laps... Was in total shock when I saw the news.