Friday, May 11, 2012

Cool Touring handlebars

I went down to C2C on Friday to cut a aluminum fork's steerer and to install a star-nut and spotted this cool touring handlebars

Looks to be 101 possible hand positions on those bars! A friend commented on why aerobars on a hybrid that probably won't be traveling fast enough to enjoy the aerodynamic advantage. Do you know why? My guess is that, is just so to have that one more position you can rest your hands on. Spending long hours on the bike, you try to adjust your position once in a while. To get make other alternative muscles take the strain, and make that additional kilometer that much easier! Cheers!


  1. I guess your friend has never tried to trek 50 miles into a 30 mile an hour head wind. Its not the speed that counts but the long sustained effort against the USA Heartland winds. Midwest winds are torture whether your on a road racing bike or hybrid touring/gravel bike.

    1. True that! Sounds like a aero helmet would help in such winds too!