Monday, March 21, 2011

High security labels for bicycles

As quoted from the Straits Times...

Under the initiative, residents who own bicycles can obtain tamper-proof labels which contain security features. They are also encouraged to register the labels in the online Bicycle Identification System administered by Tampines Town Council.

Said Tampines GRC Member of Parliament Irene Ng: 'With more residents owning bicycles and using it as a mode of transport, we thought it will benefit our residents to work with the police to launch the bicycle security labels in Tampines."

Read more about the article here.

1. How tamper-proof is it exactly?

I don't see how something like below will help :

2. Will it cost commuters?

3. It is a mammoth task ahead, and its good news...

Share await the results!


  1. what about something like chassis number on a car? Ain't that tamper proof? I think the best security is ownself. Buy high quality lock. Dun lock @secluded place. If best, dun leave bicycle outside. Or get a folding bike!

  2. Chassis no. on car? That would probably mean buying COEs, taxes, insurance... haha mad.

    But yes, rely on yourself and your tips! Can't possibly go wrong...