Saturday, March 26, 2011

Night lights.

Without flash

With Flash.


The 3 LEDs would probably last forever and they are charged in the day by small solar panels beside the LEDs. Lighting that is self sustainable. Cool.

Though, I wonder why did the designers choose blue... Its a bit dull, but I guess its cool :) Cycling on that particular path at night is a little dangerous without these light, about 2 metres off the track is the river :) And I'm guessing street lights for the path would cost too much. Practical and cost efficient!


  1. so are dynamo hub useful for lighting on the move :-)
    wish i can get one (Shimano Nexus Dynamo Hub) for my bike

  2. haha, its quite expensive right! But it will probably last forever.... Indefinitely... Till the next better technology comes up!

  3. the place where i bought my chevy, they have many Japanese city bikes, many come with dynamo hub. Prices are about RM900 per bike. Not a bad price.

  4. Ah, the price seems alright... as long as the bike doesn't get stolen! haha.