Friday, March 18, 2011

Radical Stimulus: Getting closer to nature.

Riding a bike can bring you so much closer to nature, a few days I rode pass a quiet stretch of road and saw some small cheery blossoms (Sakuras) flowering... Such a beautiful sight!

Many times, I have simply just stopped to enjoy scenery, come to think of it... I should stop and admire the Sakuras that I see on my commute to work. Just absorb it all in! After all these beautiful sights only last all but 2 weeks.

Just riding your bicycle and enjoying nature is really relaxing, the sights of green (Pink for Sakuras!), smells, rivers, and even people watching... Enjoy your commute guys!


  1. hello (A), recently i've been cycling to punggol because they have finally opened the pathway and the river scenery is awesome. if only i could afford the time to lie down by the river for the whole day enjoying the scenery. when u come back, u should go check it out. i never thought singapore could be so beautiful. haha

  2. Than perhaps... You haven't explored Singapore thoroughly enough! wahahaha...

    Great, I have been wanting to visit the place for a while now, but it was always closed when I passed by. Thanks for the tip!

    And you will get awfully sun burnt, if you did lie there the whole day! But who cares! I will bring food! You bring your kite!