Friday, March 11, 2011

Leaving a note by a bike you fancy...

I spotted this bike on the way to dinner.... It's name was delightful... There was no lock... And it was up against some rubbish. The seat was gone and the tires deflated... It totally got my attention... What looks like a street geometry, street tires, street single speed setup, street riser, street stem, street... Ok, you get the picture.

How was I gonna talk to the owner? I want the bike if nobody wanted it! It looks so understated and cool!

So I wrote a note... How many of us have done this?

I wrote that 1 week ago... No reply leh...

Tags: seeing a abandoned bicycle and leaving a note, bicycle brand delightful, buying a stranger's bicycle, delightful bike


  1. My bike was stolen, locked to my aircon grill... Dammit... The lock is 45 bucks...

  2. i had a bike stolen too, locked onto some pipes outside a hdb unit on the 2nd floor. low crime doesn't mean no crime in singapore :-(

    btw, the delightful bike looks pretty nice. hopefully, it will serve someone else if you can get owner :-)

  3. Suay! My Tahara? What lock? Hopefully my bike is still locked at my void deck...

  4. Actually the crime with the most reported numbers in singapore is actually stolen bicycles!