Sunday, March 27, 2011

Repost : The Sea.

Last weekend I took my bike and headed for a recce ride to Hiroshima. It was supposedly 50km away and I just wanted to ride about 50 round trip so i figured halfway would be good. Since I get lost so often.

I lost I did... I was supposed to head north into a valley surrounded by mountains but instead I went west to the coast line. And oh my god. It was beautiful.

Being born and bred in Singapore you would think we are no strangers to the sea, but when all the buildings disappeared and I could see the sea, I just stood there looking out. The serenity was unparalleled , open sea, nice afternoon sun, and as far as I was concerned there were no people/ cars/boats around. Sweet. Now I'm thinking to ride my weekend away to the next town by the coastline.... The town is 100km away... 200km ride on a bike that is held together by a paper bag.... Hmmm...


edit: not sure how this post ended up as a separate page, so i'm reposting it.

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