Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Radical Stimulus : Multiple stops


If you wanna check out the route.

"B" stop, the first of my original destinations, Hiroshima Transportation Museum.

There was a interesting setup of cycling machines found in gyms connected to a TV screen, where you get a virtual cycling route of 7 possible destinations! Pretty cool, but it was too realistic! Uphills meant more resistance while pedaling... One of the destinations was Mt. Fuji. The moment I saw the start point, an insane incline I left the machine!

But it was rather interesting to see so many people at the machine eager to have a go at it. :)

"C & D" stops were impromtu stops, of a comic cafe, karaoke, clothes and bicycle store...

"E" stop was the second planned stopped and I rode up a long incline to a nice view...

The Peace Pagoda at the top...

Great view, no? I had more impromptu stops along the way but lets get down to the point.

Riding my bike has really made me think about how I can the most from my trip, linking up destinations with the route to where I'm going. It saves me both time and money, gives me a good work out and totally makes my weekends worth while.

Somehow, when you are taking a train saw, from point A to point B. and there are 5 stops along the way.... If all 5 stops had something interesting like a shopping mall/ temple/ good food. Will you stop at every stop? I know I will on my bike!

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  1. is that a 29km ride around the city of Hiroshima? that's impressive! and a city transportation museum? that's really interesting. such an awesome country!

  2. 30km is like quite little.. and i took like the whole day haha. but thanks.

    The museum was pretty empty actually, wouldn't recommend it... Plus the descriptions are mostly in Jap.