Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bridges in Hiroshima, Japan

Ps, trying out this photo layout.

Bridges here in Hiroshima often means going uphill, few pedestrians (who wants to walk uphill right?), wider than normal side walks, dedicated bicycle lanes and sometimes bridges just made for cyclist and pedestrians.

Thats saying a lot about how much Japan cares about their cyclists and pedestrians, having rode across a few of these dedicated bridges you feel like king! No traffic to worry about and only other cyclists around you pushing harder to get across the slight incline. Some fellow cyclist taking it easy and literally pushing their bikes up, this is where everything slows down and speeds up. I can imagine a cafe at the peak of the bridge, a nice book and a hot beverage of your choice, nothing like watching the world go past. And once your done, take a leisurely coast down the bridge with gravity smiling at you and you heart relaxing after an increased effort.

I wish I could say the same about Singapore, some of our flyovers are notoriously dangerous for cyclists(Lornie road comes to mind), no pavement, no shoulder, lots of traffic and barely any alternative routes. I'm already feeling stressed imagining crossing the flyover.

Japan 1 Singapore 0


  1. i tot recently govt of sg is having an initiative to promote cycling in the island. maybe the time will come someday, where there'll be bicycle paths on most major roads in sg.

    i think in m'sia, it will be "wait long long"

  2. Indeed they are trying to promote... Abeit against the cyclist's reccomendations, they prefer their own style lol.

    Well at least we do have park connectors....

  3. if the connection is good for work commute, ok lah. if only for casual rides, then it is juz recreation la.

    KL roads are worse than singapore. it is nvr bike friendly. even worse if on highways :-(

  4. Ah, I have ridden to Johor/JB a couple of times and it was already quite bad. The old/frequently used roads were pothole ridden and rough where as the highways were usually good but still rough. The best roads are of course the new ones! But how many of those are there! haha.

    Connection for work, is almost never along the connector. But here you are right. Recreation newbies will find those connectors invaluable!