Sunday, February 13, 2011

In a sea of cars, lies a fellow bicycle commuter.

Sorry guys for the lack of posts, i went off for a short trip to Osaka and when I came back I was just dead tired. Well then, let's get back to regular posts.

In the above picture was taken at the carpark of Asa Zoo that I went to a few weeks back. I was hoping for some camaraderie of sorts, as i scanned the area for a sight of a bicycle. Probably a mountain bike with gears... And was pleasantly surprised to spot another bicycle almost exactly the same as mine! See if you can spot it! Close up soon...

Taking note that it was about 1 degrees that day, and the climb was on a single speed step-through market bike. Of course the owner of the bike might have ditched his/her bike there for the bus... But I like to think otherwise ;)

My first post with two pictures, do you want more? Write me a comment.