Monday, February 7, 2011

NTU Bike Rally 2011

Well, I must say I was really looking forward to joining this year's bike rally. In fact, I started looking forward to it right after the event ended. And if I really wanted to exaggerate, during the recce ride before the actual event last year. It was that positive of a experience.

No pressure, go at your own pace! Don't tire yourself out! If you have never done this ride, I strongly urge you to go register. When else can you get a whole army of marshals at every point you need to make a turn, motivational notes along the route to keep you going, refreshments and snacks at every checkpoint, ambulance and medical assistance at the ready, security forces on motorbike, tons and tons of people joining in the fun, the potential to meet new friends, getting a good tan, the crazy goodies in the goodie bag, the INSANE lucky draw prizes this year, just to name a few...

Oops, that was not "a few" was it?

Well, for those of you who are like me. In some foreign land or some other reason that you can't join in the ride for this year. There's always the next year. Cheers!

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