Thursday, February 17, 2011

Car brands on bicycles.

Let's face it, it definitely cool when you own a Lamborghini car and bicycle. Heck, its cool just to own the bicycle.

Or if you are like me, a mere peasant. Owning a Chevy sounds awesome too!

"My choice of transport, is my trust Chevy!"

"Drove my Chevy to the Levee!"

In the land that produces a significant portion of the world's cars, I am not surprised!


  1. in Malaysia, there are Hummer, Mini, RallyArt. I've heard of Renault and Peugeot. It would be cool if there's a Porsche or Audi bike (folding ones are cooler!) :-)

  2. I think there is a Porsche bike somewhere... Google? heh, why foldies?

  3. i am beginning to like foldies. i am more of the urban type person. i like multimodal transportation (bike-bus-train). now i regretted buying my hybrid bike. should have bought the dahon instead. but it was my first bike purchase. i m entitled to make my first impulse bike mistake, rite?

  4. oh, does KL MTR allow foldable bikes? Thats pretty cool!

    I have a full sized folding bike, that I had wanted to bring here to Japan, But it was way too big haha.

    Multi-modal commutes are definitely more viable when you have large distances to cover. I wonder if the Brompton is the Ultimate foldy!

    So your hybrid is gone? I say keep all bikes hahaha!

  5. since i've bought my hybrid. i will keep it of coz. it is also my training bike.

    i am still planning to get my foldie soon. but in m'sia, it is difficult to find bromptons here. only dahon, oyama and polygon foldies are common in bike shops.

    full sized foldie is juz too big. a 16" or 20" foldie will be juz nice.

  6. Good good. :) Or you could sell it!

    Ahhh... Yes, I would probably go with the Dahon, and 16" wheels or 12", and I would prefer it to fold really smallll.

  7. Oh, i am not sure if Buses or LRT in KL allows, but i sure can try. i hope there's no problem during off peak. definitely not during rush hours :-)

  8. 12" wheels are so small. can ride fast onot? lol! 20" is nice, but 16" is a good compromise between size and speed

  9. I see you have done your research! definitely not as fast as a 16"! When I tried 16" and 20" 20" was so stable.... Awww... Compromises...

  10. I think as long as you bring a bag to cover the bag should be no problem even on rush hour! But very cramped hahaha