Friday, February 25, 2011

A river stands between my bike and a hill.

Being here for sometime, i usually plot routes to a touristy destinations or places of interest. Some how, one way or another, the easier landmarks a probably rivers! Just ride beside the river till <insert road name here> than turn left or right. And it usually works, even if you don't get there you know pretty damn sure you are nearby!

River sides are really great to cycle in, ducks waddling around in the water, breeze blowing, no traffic lights, no traffic, meaning a faster commute too!

I want to write more about the benefits or cycling beside the river here, can't remember... So till next time!

Picture edited with Cyan Tone... Again, playing with the different settings available for editing... I find that this tone I am about to see more details in the sky (Not much, but a cloud or two), since the sun was shining directly to the lens probably resulting in over exposure... But what do I know? I am no photographer.

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