Saturday, February 5, 2011

Radical Stimulus aka An Impetus to ride: Parking

Not wanting to steal the title "An Impetus to ride", yet still wanting to keep a relation with "sister site" commutinginsg. I looked up the Thesarus and found "Radical Stimulus", sounds pretty damn good to me!

So "An Impetus to ride" = "Radical Stimulas" on dualcircles!

One of the keys things of why I enjoy commuting so much is because I can park really close to where I want to go, often within arm's length (Say if I stop by a coffee shop for lunch). And when you can park so close to both the beginning of your journey and the end of it, you save precious time and maybe a bit of energy(compared to walking, the advantages just keep coming).

And yes, even in Japan they totally get it. The picture above is a typical parking area under apartments, almost full and if vacant could have probably parked 2 or more cars. Not really a big deal, but from what I have heard, parking here each day can cost an average of 500 Yen or SGD$7.50 at your apartment's carpark. Park in the city for work, and it could easily double, add the doubled cost with your apartment's cost and its technically triple. So what many people here do is find the cheapest lot parking their cars there, leave if for the weekdays and cycle instead. Cycle to the parking lot to get your car, sounds like a multi-mode commute to me!

So its free and you can always find a parking lot. No doubt in my mind is this a Radical Stimulus to ride!

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