Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Open tracks and tunnels.

You got to love it in Japan, many of the tracks and railway tunnels are accessible and not fenced up, outside of the main city though. Just about 15 mins cycling to get away from it all. I really love how the country sort of integrates itself with the old tunnels and temples with the new shopping malls and such. I just really appreciate the unspoilt touches to the country! Just like the forests around the city...



  2. it is a good change of scenery from all those concrete buildings in city and town. Last Sunday, I also enjoyed a ride along the embassy back lanes. more trees and less traffic :-)

    i am planning for a more country ride these coming weeks. don't know if i can handle a 40+km ride!

  3. Ah awesome, more pics for your blog please! I should ride to KL from SG some time hahahaha 40 KM sure can!

  4. SG-KL=300+km. that's over-killed. must take at least 3 days, rite? i have a friend who cycled to Melaka before. i think he said he took 2 days. that's awesome!

    for my case, 40+km will be very tiring. i wonder if i have the power left in my arms to lift my camera phone! LOL! anyway, I will try.

  5. I think two days should be enough... But than again.... 150km a days is probably like 9 hours of cycling... which is mad.... hahahah.

    I got a friend that almost hit the the Thai border on his full suspension mtb.... mad....