Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Transparent Umbrella, it is clear now.

I have been in Hiroshima City for some time now, probably like a month. And I keep seeing these Transparent Umbrellas attached to bicycles. Whether the bicycles themselves were being ridden or simply parked.

Today I became a proud owner of a transparent umbrella too, because it was raining. Once it started raining it became clear(yes clear, as in transparent). Besides the obvious reason that the umbrella is to shelter you from the rain, when riding your bike in the rain with a little bit of speed or head wind, you will have to lower down your umbrella to keep the water out and when you do that with a normal umbrella visibility drops!

Not with the Transparent Umbrella! Simple yet effective. And when Japan's most popular thrift store sells them(Daiso), you could be sure they will be snapped up.

Mystery solved.

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