Saturday, February 26, 2011

The motorcycle couple

Called singaporedream the couple used to blog about the journey around the world on the two wheel motorbike. The blog is actually still being updated and has some interesting reads.

Especially since bicycles are similar to motorbikes with two wheels, aka dual circles.

This post marks the end of a long string of posts where I had constantly posted pictures each time I blogged. To all those who are going to enjoy NTU Bike rally tomorrow. All the best! And have fun!

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  1. oh, ntu bike rally. i wished i could go there too. my passport cannot use oredi, coz has less than 6 months validity. hope they enjoy their cycling tomorrow too.

  2. haha, its really a nice annual event in singapore! Have you tried it! it is a must try!!

  3. while i was in singapore for almost 10 years, i have not heard of it. but i wasn't into cycling much that time.

    yeah, i know i must try. maybe i will try it next year. maybe i might join the ocbc annual cycling event :-)

  4. ah is that so!

    Yes yes, do try Ntu bike rally! For ocbc... If you are going for a speed trial, i don't recommend it. Just to enjoy closed Singapore city roads, should be alright :)

  5. haha! I am not competitive one lah. just wanna try my luck at 40km, or 60km challenge. nice to race on singapore roads, because they are smooth down south. malaysia roads are bumpy and full of potholes

  6. lol, ic ic... Its quite crowded... Or so i heard. Maybe try Runway cycling? down a runway strip, can't get any smoother than that!