Friday, February 4, 2011

My first subscriber!

Ladies and Gentlemen, pop the Champagne, light the fireworks. I have my very first subscriber! And yes he is not from Singapore! Malaysia right?

Check out his blog!

In other news, I visited a bicycle shop at the end of my first week here named Nekomoto (thus the namecard) in search of a bicycle shop that maybe sold a street/trials bike since I'm rather interested in those right now. Or maybe a XC bike, or road bike, or fixed gear, of foldie.... Damn... Bikes sure come in a lot of varieties don't they?

Back to the point, the owner knew a little bit of English and so I asked him if he knew any mountain bike trails around the area. He gave me his name card and the recommendation of a website where his friend teaches clinics on mountain biking. Sweet! After making a few rounds in his shop, he handed me a Year 2011 Trek Catalog, the brand his shop is filled the the brim with and said, "For you". I walked another round in disbelief and handed him the Catalog and said thank you. Again he said, "For you, please keep."

You know a good bike shop, when they have as friendly of staff as him. Prices of the bikes/other products were almost exactly the same as in Singapore, sad to say.

Thrilled, I went home thinking I would buy a bike from his shop. Now... The thought of packing the bike and sending it back home isn't really my cup of tea at the moment. Besides, the weather is way to cold to enjoy one's ride.

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