Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Mega bike shop.

This shop right here is proabably the equivalent of the Rodalink or T3 Bikes of Singapore, they are a chain of bike shops and this is probably the biggest i have yet to see.

The shop house on the right is quite big, it houses all kinds of lower end step through frames with basket meant mainly for commuting and a few hybrids. Probably for the main consumer.

The separate building on the left houses children bikes in the basement, level 2 dedicated to foldies and cruisers, level 3 Mountain bikes, hybrids and road bikes, level 4 is the holy grail tri-bikes, high-end road and hybrids. Sweet. Taking a look at the price tags there, they must be doing quite well to be able to bring in those bikes there. the foldie range include a couple of Bromptons too! Cool!


  1. wow! i have never seen bikes shop more than 2 storeys! the market for bikes in Japan is BIG! great picture! i am salivating at the options of bikes there.

  2. haha, well there is really a lot of people cycling here. So i'm sure there will be a small portion of that people who prefer a little something better! heh. I can't remember if I took pictures in that shop... I think I did... But my laptop crashed... Damn it.