Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Radical Stimulus to ride : The impromptu encounter

I was riding Home from Hiroshima Port and saw this tall lighted structure that resembled a Christmas tree from afar, I didn't know where it was or what it was. I just decided then and there that I wanted to check it out. I rode around looking, and eventually found it.

The silence at the spot was deafening, almost surreal. After surveying the place further, it appears that in the day, it is a popular place judging from the four vending machines nearby and what seems like a bustling office during the working hours.

At night there was a lone restaurant, and yes i did say Hiroshima Port, so as you can imagine being by the beach with a nice lighted structure at night, it sure felt rather romantic.

You never know what an impromptu encounter might bring you, just have a sense of adventure!

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